My sore back and 1-2-1 Pilates @ AbphysioS

With summer finally arriving I have been really busy getting you all holiday ready and sadly my back has started to suffer. My physio suggested I tried Pilates. Good for sore backs, good for posture, good for stress, good for the mind.  I had  heard so much about the benefits of Pilates but I just never seem to have the time. Until now. I have no excuses: The Spa @ the Andaz hotel where our salon is nested, also boast a bijou Pilates studio, fully equipped with a cadillac, a reformer, a spine corrector and other strange looking apparatus. No excuses, I had to give it a try. Diane who taught me that day was quick to make me feel at ease and make me move! We moved the spine and released my shoulders on the cadillac, then moved on to the reformer... It was sometimes really soothing, sometimes pretty challenging, strangely addictive. As I was pulling and pushing springs and bars and straps, Diane explained that she used to work on a trading floor and is only too aware of how a stressful desk job impacts us. Regular Pilates practice seem to keep many ailments at bay. She sees stressed sore bodies come through her door and is thrilled to see them leave tall, strong and at peace! And that's exactly how I felt when I walked back home. I'll be nipping back for more! 


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