Feeling stressed and worn out with work and home life ?

I wanted to share this with you as so many of my clients come in for treatments and complain of how stressful work is .  I myself have been working long hours and late nights and just feel like there isnt  enough hours in the day to run a business and go about general daily life which I found had started to affect me sleeping at night.  After chatting to one of my clients she recommended I should have a chat with her therapist.  I called up and booked an appointment with  therapist Nancy for a relaxation and stress reduction session -   I'm so glad I did!!!!.   I can truly say - do it!   I hadn't realised how much stress we hold in our bodies, and it's not just all those aches and pains. I found out in the session that I hold tension in my jaw and neck when I'm worrying, and that most of my digestive problems are stress related. We worked on ways to relax (I left zen-like), but also on what's causing the tension in the first place.  It was like a mini detox for the mind. I can't recommend it  enough. Nancy is lovely and really easy to talk too.  I have booked myself a course of sessions.

  Nancy is offering all my Doll Face clients 25% off all sessions you book. Just quote Doll Face when booking.


You can contact Nancy here:


Telephone 07973110521

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